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Zuzana KaliňakováNOU SACRÉ

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Titel: FEAR
Technik: ready-made
Masse: 15 x 16 cm
Jahr: 2007-2010
Foto: Marko Horban

 „As a material she choosed  to use souvenirs or sacral objects, which she gave new meaning by its intervension and recreation. Its the proces of apropriation , of pulling out the object from an original context. Mainly it appears the thoughts of conflicts, agression and expansion and conflict of a idea and reality. She performs-serve the theme in ironical and mockery level as a deformed thoughts and intentions. Doll with the killing- look has incodet conflict of the specious innocence and agresion.  Few more objects are using religious context for transposition of aktual themes.“

PhDr. Eva Trojanová